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EGW There are glorious truths to come before the people of God. Privileges and duties which they do not even suspect to be in the Bible will be laid open before the followers of Christ. TMK 114.5

What we do

We are an adventist family living in the mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil. We firmly believe that the third Eliah must restore all things (Mat 17:11) and propose to all christians that we join in a solemn covenant to observe and do all the commandments of the Jehovah our Lord, and his judgments and his statutes.

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The book Steps to Christ is the one we most recommend apart of the Bible.


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Present Truth Statement

The issues below are observed by many adventists around the world that are earnest about God’s word, at least in the west. Thus, they would come “before” the New Light.


Keeping the ten commandments of Exodus 20 is the duty of every man. The fourth commandment requires rest on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. Then, we should be dedicated to communion with our Creator, with family and nature. (Gen 2:1-3, Ex 20:8-11, Mt 5:17-18)

Ellen G. White
The gift of prophecy was manifested by Ellen G. White (1827-1915). Her writings speak with prophetic authority. Num 12:6; 2Ch 20:20; Am 3:7; Joel 2:28, 29; Acts 2:14-21; 2Ti 3:16, 17; Heb 1:1-3; Rev 12:17; 19:10; 22:8, 9)


Bible version 
Modern versions, especially in the New Testament, increasingly difer from the textus receptus. Therefore, we use as a reference the version used by Ellen G. White, the King James in English (Rev 22:18-19). For more, see the book Our Authorized Bible Vindicated, by Benjamin Wilkinson.


Humanity of Christ 
Jesus was fully human like us; in other words, the flesh also called Him to sin, but He resisted and overcame. Jesus identifies with us and is touched when he sees us in temptation. (Hebrews 2:16 and 4:15, 1 John 4:2-3, 3SM 129.3). For more, see Touched by our Feelings, by Jean Zurcher.


Victory Over Sin 
Knowing that Jesus had the same tools as us encourages us to overcome as Christ did: connected to the vine, we can stop sinning. In fact, the only definition of sin is “transgression of the law” – therefore a decision, which can include thoughts (Rev 3:21, 1Co 10:13, John 1:12, 1Jo 3:4, James 1:15). 


Justice by Faith 
Even if we stumble, after repentance and confession, we can continue to rejoice in salvation. The righteousness of Christ is given to us as a gift, and before the Father it is as if we had never sinned. God used Jones and Wagoner from 1888 onwards to proclaim this message, to prepare a people for the coming of Christ. The leadership of the Adventist Church rejected this message, and despite later making intellectual assent, sadly they did not practice it, regretted it, or confessed this rebellion. That is why the second coming of Christ had to be postponed for more than a century. God will have to work far outside the ordinary order of things in the end to gather a faithful remnant. (Rom 5:1, 8:1-4, Phil 1:6) For more, see Heralding the Loud Cry, by Camron Schofield.


Lifestyle: Health 
We follow a strict vegetarian diet. Not an ounce of meat or cheese should enter our stomach, nor black tea or coffee (and by extension, other foods that contain caffeine, ice tea, and cocoa – chocolate). Nor should viruses or other serums be injected into the body. Vigorous exercise should be practiced (at least half an hour, almost every day, with your heart beating fast and sweating). Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, sunbathe and everything EGW instructs us to do. (CD 380.2, CD 368.4, FLB 231.7) 
The woman should wear a long skirt (not so long that it drags dirt from the floor) and try to differentiate herself from the man as much as she can. She will avoid wearing: caps, sleeveless or printed t-shirts (especially at breast height), high-heeled shoes, tight or translucent clothing, makeup and jewelry. A man should not wear short pants in public. 


Songs with syncopation (arrhythmia) should not be chosen, much less with drums or other instruments that accentuate the rhythm. The ideal is to sing biblical verses, but hymns from hymnals will also be useful. One should not clap during worship services, which denotes irreverence, a worldly spirit and tends to exalt the creature instead of the Creator. 


The child should ideally be educated at home by their own parents. Until the age of 8 for girls and 10 for boys, no formal education should be given, as the child’s mind is not yet fully mature for it. The child who commits foolishness must be punished with the physical rod, yes, with prayer and a gentle spirit. If the offense is minor, milder measures such as reprimands or withdrawal of privileges can be used. (CM 67.1, Prov 13:24; 23:13-15 and 29:15) 
Until the age of twenty, young people are not prepared for important decisions such as dating. There should be no bodily intimacy until marriage. Married: You should not have sex on Saturday or any perversion such as oral or anal sex. The Lord does not tolerate any affective union between people of the same sex or any other perversion of this nature, which is an abomination. In healthcare jobs involving privacy, women treat women, men treat men. The same applies to family counseling. AH 79.4, Rom 1:26-27, 1Co 6:9, DG 95-97, CH 582.2) 
Country Living
Every Christian should move to rural areas where he can be away from enemy interference. The fewer neighbors and people passing by the property, the better. Far from the coast and preferably in a higher mountain region, with a spring. We should try to be self-sufficient in food as much as possible, growing what we eat. Cities can be evangelized by visits or virtually. (LDE 99.4, AH Chapter 21) 
One should not practice competitive sports or spend time on useless entertainment. (Ex 32:6, Ed 210.4, AH 522f) 


Any dramatization (staging), whether live or filmed, is reprehensible. Films should not be watched nor dramatized videos used for evangelism purposes. (Ev 137.2, Phil 4:8) 


Political issues must be buried. We can only participate in voting if it is a plebiscite. If called upon to elect someone, we must vote blank or null, otherwise we are virtually giving a power of attorney to the ruler we elect, and we will be participants in their wrong actions and punishments. (FE 475.2) 


Worship: Position for Prayer 
One must always kneel to pray; both in private and public worship. (2SM 311.1, 2SM 312.7) 



Women Ordination 
Women should not play a leadership role in the church, occupying the position of elder or pastor, which is the exclusive responsibility of men. (1 Tim 3:2, Titus 1:6)


Any mystical practice is condemned, such as: praying without asking and giving thanks to ventilate the mind, visualizing, seeking to feel God with the five senses through feelings and impressions, or coaching. Our only security is in the inspired Word.
The tithe can be applied directly to the front line of the mission, without having to go through the organization’s institutional bailout/legal account. But it must only be used for the preaching of the Word, whether oral, printed or through the media. If entrusted to the institution, an account must be made of how the money was used (Letter 267, 1905, SpM 176.7, T4 472.3, 3SM 217.2, KC 120.3) 
Church Discipline
Christians who commit open and premeditated sins should be disciplined or excluded without fear of legal proceedings (1 Cor. 5:1-5).


Home church 
An alternative to going to a regular church where, after warnings and intercession, one continues to practice and preach errors, is to worship at home; maybe with another family. This isolation must occur especially when there are children and young people. (Rom 16:5, Fm 1:2, 12MR 333.1, ST December 1, 1881, par 13) 


Any relationship that seeks favor or recognition from Babylon, much less from the Roman church, mother of harlots, is condemned. Relationships must be restricted to what EGW says in the book Evangelism. We should not participate in charitable or development projects without being able to bring the bread of life and talk about God, as this would be denying our faith.